Engagement Lab


BROMP - Baker Rodrigo Observation Method Protocol

Measuring Student Engagement for Teaching Efficiency and Learning Effectiveness

BROMP Training for Corporation of Chennai:

BROMP Certification has 3 Stages, Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.A Teacher has to complete all these 3 phases to become a BROMP Coder.

BROMP Data Collection:

Student engagement data has been collected from 30 schools (Prioritized by COC department)

Learn Lab


Learn Lab is a collaboration platform for School teachers for achieving teaching effectiveness and learning efficiency.


Content Creation:

Use of QED resources to prepare in-house content in multi-lingual. Teachers bring in their own content.

Content collation:

We have partnership with Teach For India and have uploaded 37 firki videos created by them using school teachers.

Content curation:

CSL will curate collated content and roll out content based on needs assessment for fulfillment.

Components of Learn Lab:

  • Activity Corner
  • TET Corner
  • Science Corner
  • Studio(for teachers to publish their lessons)

Learn Lab for COC Teachers:

  • Conducted Learn Lab Video Contest and collected about 100 videos from various COC schools.
  • Winners have been short listed and awarded smart phones.

Analytics Lab


CSL project Analytics lab has been an integrated data platform for COC education department

Data collection for Analytics:

  • Department data collection(got with the help of COC)
  • EMIS
  • Teacher Profile
  • CSL data collection (data collected by QED resources)
  • Academic data collection
  • Marks data
  • Attendance data