About Us

QED intends to make science learning inclusive, relevant and more importantly universally accessible for all boys and girls - our young budding scientists. QED is neither a school nor a laboratory. QED is quite aptly called

The Center For The Art Of Science

Quest - make children follow their curiosity, ask questions and channelize them towards moments of self-introspection.

Explore - make children aware, of being playful and having fun.

Discover - lead to amazing moments of discovery, learning and awareness.

QED is of the firm belief that Science is best learnt by DOING. QED provide platforms, tools in the form of science exhibits, kits, workshops that allow school and college children, teachers and parents alike to explore and experiment, invent and innovate, design and fabricate.

The goal is to enable children to learn science by participating in the process of Science.

  • QED guides children to move away from blind faith and belief to scientific observation and logic.
  • QED promotes keen and careful observation, excites curiosity, encourages children to ask questions.
  • QED lets children question the answers and enables them to generalize and discover.

Discover QED. Discover Science.