"Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning. The quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient."
- Eugene S. Wilson

First, there was a quest.

  • To make a difference to the way we teach and learn science.
  • To understand what our education system currently does.
  • To observe and log what was going well and what could be different.
  • To wonder what we could change.
  • To ask whether we should even try.

This need to quest, explore and discover what we wished to do in this space became an audacious vision - to touch every Indian child with the QED experience by 2020. Audacious? In a country with the student - size of India, yes. With fire in the belly of a team led by two passionate visionaries... audacious, yes. Impossible? Certainly not. Krishna Srinivasan and Hyma set out with a mission and purpose to bring a global approach to science education and make it truly relevant to the local context. We knew what we wished to do. "Bring FUN into the FUNdamentals of Science." Why Science? Because, Science is the study and understanding of life and the world we live in. What could be more important?


In the beginning, all we did was to research, search and research some more. Creating, curating, understanding, designing, testing, adapting ideas and concepts. How could we make a difference? In a country with over 23 science centers would one more matter? How many children would visit? Would they have fun? Would they learn? Would schools use our facilities? Many months of focus group studies, surveys and field findings came a "EUREKA" moment. And, not surprisingly, it came from a teacher-parent group that said, quite simply, "Go to where the child is. Go small. Go mobile." All our gallery style prototypes stepped back to remind us of our "Exploratorium" inspired days. We stepped up and forward to compact working models. No bigger than what could rest on a 2 x 2 board. Sturdy enough to withstand a child's curious handling. Safe. Fun. Interesting.

So, what?


Great. So here is another way to learn. Activity based learning and hands-on are not new to education. Why would we want to let QED enter the sacred precincts of a school with its multitude of meaningful activities, routine, schedules and mandates to perform, excel and exceed?

A teacher has goals to achieve. A child has tasks to complete. The school has commitments to honor, results to declare and the need to succeed in a space filling up with more aspirants vying for attention and space.

Why QED? Teaser demos, introductory science days, innovating in order to blend seamlessly into the tightly run system. Curriculum mapping to be relevant. Curated global content to make a difference. Trials, errors, improvements and innovation.

Two years since 2011, we have moved from why to why not QED?

We have moved from "not now"  to "when?"

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