To bring Fun into the Fundamentals of Science through science aids and activity based learning augmented by ICT for global input and reach

Company Purpose

  • To offer a complete science experience leveraging activity based learning methods
  • To encourage children to question, explore, discover
  • To provide hands-on, interactive, unique opportunity to learn science through activity
  • To reach across the urban - rural boundaries for inclusive education

At QED, Education is our passion.

We at QED would like to inculcate critical thinking, spirit of inquiry, and a scientific bent of mind in students through learning methodologies designed for better understanding, impact and retention of science concepts.

Our passion for education has enabled us to articulate our product development, product management, customer service, corporate responsibility and social relevance.

From our founding in 2011, we have strived to focus our research leading up to creating learning methodologies and solutions that are the right fit for our customers, maximizing student success and institutional effectiveness.

We are confident that we will make our clients schools, more successful, their students more successful and parents proud. After all, education is the route to create citizens for a better tomorrow.