CSR Partnership

The eighth All India Education Survey (AISES) conducted by National Council of Educational Research and Technology (NCERT) covering the Indian school education system captures more than 1.3 Million (13,06,992) recognized schools across the country in each habitation, village and urban areas. 83.3% of these schools are in rural areas! Staggering isn't it.

Out of this 1.3Million recognized schools, close to 250,000 schools are private schools representing 19% of overall schools. The importance of private participation is underlined by the fact that even as only 19% of the total schools are private, they dispense education to 45% of India’s total enrolled students of 23 Crore (228,994,454)!

Source: NCERT AISES survey 2012

So, how do we ensure the right to quality of science education, value and relevance for each child across this rural vs urban and private vs public divide?

QED believes that CSR Partnership with corporates is the answer.

The basic objective of CSR in these days is to maximize the company's overall impact on the society and stakeholders. CSR policies, practices and programs are being comprehensively integrated by an increasing number of companies throughout their business operations and processes. Corporate India today treats CSR as not just another form of indirect expense but a compelling responsibility towards initiating a social change and creating a profound impact.

QED being a For Profit Social Venture (FPSV) is keen on promoting FUN in the FUNdamentals of science at subsidized cost to marginalized communities.

QED is inspired to make a significant contribution to the Science Education cause by making it universally available and inclusive across public and private domain, rural and urban areas.

The QED CSR partnership offering allows for a choice of implementation across Rural- Semi-Urban and Urban area schools which can be selected as a venues for the implementation of QED CSR Partnership Solutions.

QED believes that the CSR partnership will be mutually reinforcing and will be synergistic in nature.

QED – CSR Partnership options:

Sponsor a Science Day Sponsor a QED Lab Sponsor : Managed Services Center