Quester GLP

Quester Guided Learning Program (GLP) is a special program designed for individual requirements based on child centric evaluation to determine attitude, aptitude and special skill sets of home-school children.

The Quester GLP has been designed to cover Science as a simple and fascinating journey and adventure. The topics and themes will, naturally, cover Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Earth Sciences.

The Quester GLP has three levels

  • Level 1 – Foundation – 10 week – 40 GLH (Guided Learning Hours )
  • Level 2 – Springboard – 15 weeks – 60 GLH
  • Level 3 – Deep Dive – 15 weeks – 60 GLH

Every Quester is entitled to his/ her committed GLHs and can, for valid reasons compensate missed hours within a 2 month period in consultation with their Guide.

Quester Guides are dedicated to facilitate questers for their GLH and will work closely with the child and parent to provide a happy and meaningful program. All communication will be on mail and calls / meetings by prior appointment.

The Quester GLP program will maintain a guide – quester ratio of 1 : 2 at all times.

The GLP is free flow and exploratory in nature and yet conforms to a practical framework. Milestones and progress will be reviewed in a fun manner working with the child and communicating assessment / assignment reviews to parents.

Questers will have access to exhibits, DIY Kits, a rich library of books and digital resources at The QED Academy apart from opportunities to engage with peers via our soon to be launched QED