Teachers Training Workshop

QED's Teacher Training Workshops helps school teachers to improve teaching effectiveness

  1. Learn how to create, plan and deliver best in class learning experience
  2. Use new principles for conducting effective observations
  3. Understand how to invigorate critical thinking among students
  4. Using QED tools promote greater application of Science in daily life

CCE, PSA, HOTS – there are so many abbreviations that a teacher needs to keep track of today.

In an endeavor to bring complexities to perspective and move towards acquiring higher order thinking skills, QED offers Teachers Training Workshop for educators.

Centered on QED’s unique exhibit centric methodology of Quest. Explore., QED enabled solutions provide the base and necessary inputs for teachers to plan Formative and Summative Assessment tasks.

Fostering the spirit of inquiry – is another big challenge that a teacher faces today in every school. Using QED aids, we enable teachers to create a launch pad for creative thinking by taking a deep dive in a fun and exploratory way. The workshop is designed to help teachers assess knowledge and understanding of concepts and encourage the application of concepts learnt with the use of QED enabled solutions.

Activities and materials focus on: effective presentations, promoting critical thinking, motivating students, facilitating discussions and much more.

We are open to suggestions on training topics. We can also provide workshops designed to meet the specific needs of individual institutions. Send suggestions and requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This workshop was very interesting and introspective. It made us think beyond our limits. It ignited our minds to think on a higher level. We discovered so many new ideas and it was fascinating to relate one topic with a variety of life's principles. I thank QED team for a superlative workshop and thank for bringing this to us – Nithya, Kangaroo Kids

The workshop conducted by QED gave an idea how to integrate one particular Science concept into different subjects like Literature, Maths, Science, Arts and Craft. Using the theory of Blooms taxonomy – by remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating – a particular concept can be explained interestingly to students effectively – Teachers, Vels Vidhyashram